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'Even nation states start with the dirty tricks’ –

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You need a hacker to beat a hacker

Clearwater Cyber is owned and operated by leading former UK Government and UK CREST cyber experts in approaching and solving common industry problems from a hacker’s perspective.



Horizon simplifies cyber security

Horizon simplifies complex processes providing measurable outputs for companies seeking to mitigate cybercrime.



Our Senior Leadership

Clearwater Cyber team: leading U.K. experts in the fields of threat emulation, Cyber Network Exploitation and Online Behavioural Analysis.

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Approaching and solving common industry problems from a hacker’s perspective
Innovative and intuitive cloud assurance solutions for an increasingly complex digital environment
It’s incredible to consider the last four years of our emergence, growth and evolution

Clearwater’s proprietary software delivers innovative and intuitive cloud assurance solutions for an ever increasingly complex digital environment. Cyber criminals are exploiting the substantially enhanced opportunities that cloud computing environments have created The ever-evolving tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) employed by cyber threat actors is overwhelming for IT teams. Clearwater’s solutions directly contribute to a ‘downs killing’ approach and tackles this existential threat by combatting the most common problems in IT security namely;

Event fatigue

The ever-evolving use and integration of ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’, the number of ‘events’ and ‘false positives’ triggered by cyber security products has become overwhelming for I.T. departments;

Skill shortage

Cyber security products require a high degree of technical knowledge in order to interrogate, interpret and identify the validity of possible cyber breaches. This requires an ever-increasing pool of talented or technically qualified professionals to ensure platform optimisation.

Benefits of Horizon

• Protect against the primary cyber threat

• Identify your weakest cyber link

• Expert protection without the expert

• Adapting to future threats

• Reduce your cyber insurance premiums

• De-cluttering cyber protection

Horizon Considerations

• Scalable to organisations of any size

• Simple navigation and intuitive functionality

• No specialist training required for operators

• Remote onboarding process

• Rapid proof of value

• Extensive analytical functionality

Christopher McGrath – Executive Director

Christopher has an extensive career in the defence and security industry. As the former global head of special projects for a world leading UK/US defence company he was responsible for overseeing the company’s Intelligence and Security programs globally.

Christopher was recognized in 2012 by UKDTI for his commercial approach and delivery of high-profile strategy to detecting and mitigating technical and physical risks to the delivery of the Olympic games; including the sensitive management of the Counter Hostile Reconnaissance initiative.

Christopher’s entry in 2009 into the private security sector followed an extensive Military Intelligence career managing Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance projects internationally.

Chris Sturgess CREST CCT INF CISSP OSCP – Chief Technology Officer

Chris has been at the forefront of the UK’s success in active and defensive cyber operations. Starting his government career at the age of 17, Chris spent over 15 years in the UK’s lead cyber intelligence agency, becoming the operational technical lead. Throughout his time in government, Chris developed a unique understanding of cyber threats and requisite tactics, techniques and procedures. Working to develop bespoke software and solutions, Chris supported an agency strategy to increase cyber capability through a ‘downskilling’ approach. This saw a significant lift in the agency’s ability to meet an ever-growing intelligence demand.

Before leaving government service, Chris was actively involved in the UK’s national cyber defence programme in identifying and removing hostile state cyber actors from the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).

Since leaving government Chris has been pivotal in driving change in our understanding and response to cyber risks, through the delivery of ‘downskilling’ and cross-corporate communicable cyber assurance platforms; capable of reducing loss prevention and cyber fraud.

• Young Presidents’ Organization Malaysia

• Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia

• International Directors Summit 2019

• CEFOR The Nordic Association of Marine Insurers

• Oslo Maritime Security Seminar